Virtual Reality

Back in college I worked in Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab; I assisted the grad students conducting psychological experiments — I was the guy who created and programmed the 3D worlds they needed, to immerse subjects in situations impossible to explore otherwise, to learn new things about human behavior and consciousness. For fun, and to help the lab raise money, I would also build exciting demos of the power of VR, such as a room in which the direction of gravity would switch.

Nowadays I am learning the Unity and Unreal game engines (which support the Oculus Rift head-mounted display, as well as getting experienced with 360 live action camera rigs. I’ve built a VR sound sculpture, and have been working on a VR mobile game and a VR animated film. You can read my thoughts about a particular style of VR cinema I’ve a coined a term for, opture, or watch a video I made based on a talk I gave recently about VR cinema. After going through a software engineering bootcamp in the next few months I hope to get a job at a VR company. My medium-term goal is to produce my first feature-length live-action virtual reality film, The Unmaking of All Together Now. My long-term goal is to create an experimental mixed-animation semi-interactive virtual reality experience named after this blog itself, Cmloegcmluin.



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